Below Market Interest Rates and Where to Find Them

Many banks and real estate agents don't tell many people about the "Special" low interest rate loans that become available from time to time.

In reality, there are always at least five to ten types of home loans available with low interest rates, and low monthly payments – often less than you would pay for rent! The reason you don't know about these home loans is because most lenders hope you never hear about them.

You see, in the home loan business, home lenders earn large fees on some home loans, and small fees on other home loans. Many times, the bigger the down payment and the higher the interest rate, the more money the lender earns.

Since many banks and other home lenders are only interested in earning the biggest fees they possibly can, they never tell you about the loans with low down payments and low monthly payments

Consequently, many people who can afford a home never get one. Other people who do get loans have to borrow or save thousands of extra dollars first, and pay high payments, all because they were never shown all the information on all the home loans truly available.

I do not work with banks, I work with Real Estate Finance consultants. Their HomeLoanFinder computers are linked to a vast network of national home mortgage companies who offer hundreds of low down payment and low interest rate home loans for homes in all areas and price ranges.

For example, right now we know of seven different home loan programs designed to help people with good credit and full time employment, purchase homes for very low down payments – often for as little as zero down payment.

We specialize in finding these home loans and making them available to consumers. We call this free service our Home Loan finder service. We put your wants and needs into the computer, and then the computers search through hundreds of low down payment and low interest rate home loan programs throughout the United States and finds the ones that best fit your needs and financial situation.

If you do have good credit, our computers will search though hundreds of loans to find the best loan for you – all without any obligation.

As you can well imagine, there's just too much to tell you about in this short report, but it is easy for you to get more information. Just give me a call, anytime, 24-hours a day at (615)361-5010. You'll get the straight facts about low interest rates and low or zero down payment loans are out there that best fit.

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